Customers: Account Balances

If you are linking Protean with an accounting system, it is possible for the current customer balance to be imported into Protean. This is usually carried out on a daily basis by using the Scheduler application. The current balance is displayed within the Accounts tab of the customer record, within […]

Suppliers: Purchase Order Email Addresses

Within a supplier record it is possible to specify an email address so that purchase orders can easily be sent via email to the supplier. Within the Accounts tab, enter an Email To address within the Purchase Orders section. When you next choose to email a purchase order for that […]

Customers: Invoice Email Addresses

Within the Accounts tab of the customer record, it is possible to set a default email address which is used when producing invoices within Protean. This email address will take effect for all invoices produced for the customer, whether they are generated manually or via the batch invoicing routine. The […]

Customers: Require Order Numbers

If your customer requires an order number to be provided in order for any work to be carried out, this can be configured within the Accounts tab of the Customer record. In all cases, requiring an order number can not be bypassed, so an entry must be made in the […]

Migrating to a New Server

If you are purchasing a new server, you should check our technical guidelines document to see our current recommended specifications. Note that any specifications within this document are advisory, and if any other applications will be installed on the servers then provision should be made for these. We can provide […]