Managing Agents

If your customer’s sites are managed by a 3rd-party, you can enable a feature called Managing Agents To turn on Managing Agents, go to System ¦ Settings, and scroll down the list and highlight ‘Customer Managing Agents’ At the bottom of the screen, choose the ‘Yes’ option, and then click […]

Maintenance Contract Uplifts

This screen enables you to update Maintenance Contract rates automatically. Go to Maintenance ¦ Uplift Contract Charges on the menu: The system will then display the Maintenance Contract Uplift screen: On the Criteria Tab enter any criteria you wish to use to allow the system to select the contracts you […]

Maintenance: Configuring & using service groups

Service Groups allow you to have finer control when creating Maintenance Contracts, in that you can group the Equipment on the Contract for servicing and specify the schedule and price by the group, rather than individually. In order to use Service Groups by default on the system, this facility must […]

Inspection Types

Once you have created your Inspection Templates, there are a few ways to customise them further. These options are called Inspection Types and can be used to decide at which point an engineer is prompted to fill out each inspection sheet. They are accessed by right-clicking on any of the […]

Fixed Price Hire Contracts

When hiring out equipment, you can set a single fixed-price for each hire period This guide assumes that you have a hire contract setup already, and wish to add a fixed price hire period. If you need help with creating a hire contract, see the Related Articles section at the […]

Equipment Trade-In

To add an equipment trade-in to an open Sales order, go to Sales ¦ Create order ¦ Trade-ins Add a Trade-in using the […] in the bottom left of the screen. You’ll then be given a list of customer’s own equipment to select from Select the relevant record by double […]

Equipment Attributes

Create user-defined data for equipment, which can be used for filtering equipment records. You may need to record lots of data about equipment records in Protean, such as technical specifications. This can be achieved by creating Equipment Attributes. Examples of Equipment Attributes for a car could be: Dimensions (Length/Width/Height) Weight […]

Customer Lists

Customer Lists can be used to store information about that Customer where a list format is required. In order to create the fields required, click on System¦CRM¦Customer Lists: The system will then display the Customer Lists screen: In ‘Field’ enter the name of the List Attribute you want to create […]

Makes & Models, and Categories, Types & Subtypes

Makes & Models can be categorised to provide useful information about equipment. Categories, Types, and Sub Types You can provide useful information about Makes & Models by creating up to 3 levels of categorisation; Category, Type, and Sub-Type. For example, if you maintained various types of vehicle, and were to […]

Apportioning Carriage on Receipts

Ticking this box will split the carriage costs across any goods booked in on this Goods Received Note (GRN). When the Carriage Apportionment box is ticked, any carriage costs will be split on a pro-rata basis across any items booked in on the GRN. For example £10 carriage, and 2 […]