Adding a new Hire Contract Type

If the current Hire Contract Types are not sufficient for your requirements, you can enter a new one

  • Go to System ¦ Hire ¦ Contract Types

  • In the “Name” field delete the current name and type in the name of the new Contract type you require. A message will be displayed saying ‘Contract Type Not Found. Do you wish to add this one?’ Click on “Yes” to create the new type

  • In the “Description” Field you can type in further information regarding the contract type, then select the “Category”, either Short Term or Long Term. In the Nominal Sales Credit section click on the “Account” drop down list and select the nominal account you wish the revenue from the contract of this type to be sent to in your Accounts System

  • On the Defaults tab make the selections that will most frequently be used to allow quicker creation of the contracts. The fields can be amended on individual contracts before they are agreed

  • On the Maintenance Tab you can select a Maintenance Contract Type to associate with the Hire Contract Type. This only needs to be done if you require service routines to be available for your Hire Fleet

  • Click on Apply ¦ OK to save and close the Hire Contract Type Window. The new Contract Type will now be available when creating a new Hire Contract

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