Adding a New Contact on a Task

The Tasks screen allows a user to record different types of contact that have been made with a particular prospect or customer and also to setup reminders for future tasks. On occasions there will be a requirement to add a new contact to an existing record.

  • To add a new contact to a task, you will need to firstly open up the task screen:

  • In the Contact section, the system may already display contact details that have been entered.

Note: If there aren’t any existing contact details displayed, simply enter details in the fields displayed, and then click on the Create New Contact icon:

The system will then add the contact details to the drop down list for future use.

  • In order to add new contact details, firstly click on the Clear Contact Details icon:

  • The system will then blank out the fields, allowing you to then enter the Title, First Name & Last Name of the new contact.
  • Use the drop down arrow icon to then select the contacts Job Title. If the Job Title isn’t listed, simply type in the text required and then press enter.
  • The system will then confirm if you wish to add the new Job Title entered, click on the Yes button to confirm:

(Job Titles setup in this way can be maintained by clicking on System¦CRM¦Job Titles).

  • Then enter the Main Phone Number, Mobile Number, Fax Number and Email address for the new contact.
  • The final two fields are user definable and can be setup in System¦More¦User References¦Tasks.

These fields can be used to record any additional information that may be required for Contacts on your system.

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