Changing a User Password Video



The password for a user needs to be changed


A user has forgotten or would like to change their password


Click on the System Tab at the top left of the Protean Window and Select the Employee Icon. If you do not see this icon you may need your permissions changing or refer to a user that does have access
Click on the ‘Name’ dropdown list and select the user who’s password needs changing
Click on the ‘Login’ tab at the top of the Window
Click on the ‘Set Password’ button and Type in the New Password
Click on the Ok button to close the password window, Click on Apply to set the changes and then Click on OK to close the Employee Record


If the User has access to the Change Password module and they are already logged into Protean, they can click on the File tab in the top left hand corner and then select the Change Password button where they will be prompted to enter their Old Password, a New Password and then to Verify the New Password

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