Creating a New Protean User Video



A new Employee Record needs to be created


A new user of Protean needs an account to be created with their details to allow them to log in as themselves


– Click on the System Tab at the top left of the Protean Window and Select the Employee Icon. If you do not see this icon you may need your permissions changing or refer to a user that does have access
– The window displayed will automatically open on the General Tab. In the ‘Name’ field, delete the current name and type in the Name required for the new employee, then click on return or tab on your keyboard and a message will be displayed
“Employee not found. Do you want to add a new one?”
Click on Yes to create a new record
You should now have a window with the new Employee’s name in the ‘Name’ field and the rest of the boxes should be blank apart from a tick in the Active’ box
– Click in the ‘Initials’ field and type in the Employee’s initials. These initials must be unique so if their actual initials are already used for another user amend them slightly until you find a unique combination to identify the employee with
– Click on the ‘Depot’ drop down arrow and select the appropriate depot
– Click on the ‘Department’ drop down arrow and select the appropriate depot
– Click on the ‘Position’ drop down arrow and select the appropriate depot. Note: This position does not control the access rights for the user, this field is for information and reporting purposes. The access rights are controlled later under the Role Performed field.

– Click on the Login Tab

– Click on ‘User Type’ drop down menu and select the appropriate entry, either Full (Full access to Protean), CRM (limited access designed primarily for Sales Staff to access information) or Web user which is for Customer Web access. Normally Full would be used

– The ‘PDA Type’ drop down only needs to be changed from None to Engineer if the user will be working on a PDA . If this is selected the PDA Name field will be activated and a PDA can be assigned from the drop down list.

– The ‘Login Name’ needs to be completed with a name the user will log into Protean with

– The login will work by itself without a password if one isn’t required. If a Password is required click ‘Set Password’ and enter the necessary text, there are no restrictions to the length or content unless the user is logging into a PDA which only supports numeric passwords

– In the ‘Role performed by this employee’ click on the drop list and select the role relevant to the employee. This setting will determine their access rights within Protean

– If the employee is an engineer using a PDA, click on the Engineer tab and Select the ‘Engineer’ tick box at the top of the window to activate the fields below

– In the ‘Work Area’ field click on the drop down arrow and select the relevant Work Area (If any amendments to these areas need to be made they are maintained in the System Tab, More drop down and in the Depots, Stores and Work Areas section)

– The Labour Cost Drop down determines the rate to be used when calculating the Engineer’s cost to your company. The Labour Charge Code drop down determines the rate referenced when calculating the charges to the Customer.

– The Job Controller needs to be selected but is only used for reporting purposes, as is the Type drop down.

– If Timesheets are used on the Handheld devices then a ‘Last Timesheet’ date needs to be entered and the ‘Use Timesheet Controls’ tick box selected

– Click on Apply to save the record and then OK to exit the Employee window

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