Customer Lists

Customer Lists can be used to store information about that Customer where a list format is required.

In order to create the fields required, click on System¦CRM¦Customer Lists:

The system will then display the Customer Lists screen:

  • In ‘Field’ enter the name of the List Attribute you want to create e.g. Machine Type.
  • In Type, select from the drop-down list the type of attribute you will be storing e.g. Text, Number etc
  • Repeat steps 2 & 3 as required to create the List Attributes that you need.

If you’ve set a field with a Type of List, you can then use the Value List button to then setup the List of Values to select from. To do this, select the Field using the box to the left of the description and then click on the Value List button:

Then enter the entries to be displayed in the list of values:

Once all of the Customer List entries have been setup, click on the Close button.

To then use a Customer List Attribute, select the Customer / Site required and then click on the Attributes Tab. The various attributes setup will be displayed at the bottom of the screen:


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