Customers: Account Balances

If you are linking Protean with an accounting system, it is possible for the current customer balance to be imported into Protean. This is usually carried out on a daily basis by using the Scheduler application.

The current balance is displayed within the Accounts tab of the customer record, within the Credit Control section.

It is possible within Protean to include any open transactions as part of the current balance, in which case the Protean balance will not match up to that in the linked accounting system. This is controlled within System > Settings.¬†Choosing ‘Yes’ for the ‘Customer Balance Excludes Pending Charges’ setting will always cause the current sales ledger balance to show, whereas choosing ‘No’ (or leaving the entry blank) will allow Protean transactions to be added onto the sales ledger balance.

If you have chosen for Protean transactions to be added onto the sales ledger balance, this will include open transactions (e.g. open jobs) and also invoices that have been produced but haven’t yet been batch updated to the accounting system.

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