Customers: Setting Standard Mileage and Travel

If you charge for travel and/or mileage on your jobs, you may wish to standardise the amounts paid by your customers, so they know what to expect every time. This is possible to configure at site-level and is setup within the Accounts tab of the site record.

The Labour Profile itself will demonstrate the rate of travel (per hour) and mileage (per mile), and the Standard Mileage and Standard Travel Time will define what is actually charged.

So in the example above, when an engineer visits, if we are charging £0.80 per mile, then the customer will be charged £40 for mileage (50 miles * £0.80), regardless of how many miles the engineer actually travelled. If we charge £60 per hour for travel time, the customer will be charged £45 for travel (0.75 hours * £60), regardless of how long the engineer spends travelling to and from the job.

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