Engineer Job Allocation Video



Outstanding jobs need to be allocated to specific engineers


Jobs are currently at ‘Unallocated’ status and have yet to have a visit assigned to an engineer to carry out the work required


There are two ways to assign jobs to engineers, they can be done individually through the job itself or through the plannerboard if multiple jobs need to be assigned
Individual Job
– Open up the job that needs to be assigned
– Click on the ‘Labour’ tab and then click on the ‘Add Visit’ button at the bottom of the window
– The Job Visit window will open and automatically prompt for an engineer to be selected from the drop down list. Once selected the date is automatically entered but can be amended if required
– If the engineer does not have a PDA assigned, the visit and job status will both move to Allocated. If the engineer has a PDA assigned to them, the status of the visit starts at Notification Required and the Job Visit moves to Waiting Acceptance
– You can click on the Notify button at this time or if you close the visit now you will see the message “The Engineer has not been notified of this visit. Do you want to Notify now?”, clicking on ‘Yes’ will send the notification to the Engineer, clicking on ‘No’ will leave the visit on Notification Required to be sent later

Multiple Jobs
– Open the Plannerboard where you can see your Engineers listed, their allocated jobs and at the bottom there is a list of unallocated jobs
– The Unallocated jobs can be clicked on and dragged onto the plannerboard against an engineer and date/time
– A visit is automatically created on the job at a status of Notification Required with the Engineer’s name, date, time, etc.
– The visits can be moved around the plannerboard, between different engineers, different days and once all the allocations have been made the Notify button at the bottom of the window can be clicked to send notifications to the engineers PDAs of any new jobs added to their schedule during the plannerboard session. If you close the plannerboard without notifying the engineers a warning message will remind you and give you the opportunity to go back and use the notify function

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