Engineer Purchase

In instances where engineer’s purchase parts for a job, follow the process below to show this on Protean:

  • Select the appropriate job and select the ‘Complete’ option
  • Move to the parts tab of the job and hit the ‘Add’ button

  • Enter the part number of the part you will be purchasing and/or search for it using the filter options
  • Once found, choose the part and hit the ‘Select’ button

  • Fill out details of the purchase including the quantity and stock state

  • Then tick the ‘Engineer Purchase’ to enter the price paid for the part(s)
  • Add any additional notes and press ‘OK’


  • The part(s) have now been added to the job as an engineer purchase.
  • Note that the quantities of the part can be amended, but this does not update the price paid for the parts – this will need to be updated manually accordingly

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