Fixed Price Hire Contracts

When hiring out equipment, you can set a single fixed-price for each hire period

This guide assumes that you have a hire contract setup already, and wish to add a fixed price hire period. If you need help with creating a hire contract, see the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page to access the Hire Module User Guide

  • From the Hire Contract screen, in the Equipment tab, use the Add… button to create a new Hire Period

  • Use the … button next to the Equip No box to access the Equipment list. Highlight the piece of equipment you wish to hire out and use the Pick button to select the piece of equipment

  • Enter the Start and Off-Hire dates for the hire period in the Dates section
  • Tick the Fixed Charge box, and fill in the charge in the Hire Charges section

  • Click Close. You can now continue processing the hire contract as usual. When an invoice is produced, it will only invoice the value you have entered for that Hire Period

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