Following up tasks

If a particular task is finished you can create a Follow Up task with the same customer information as a quicker method than raising a new blank task

If the Task form you are using is the Simple Task Form (See further down for the Sales Task Form):

  • Open the existing Task you wish to complete and click on Follow Up>

  • A message will be displayed saying ‘Are you sure that you want to mark this Task as Complete?’ clicking on ‘Yes’ will mark the current message as ‘Done’ and a new active task created. You can then change the details and the’ Created For’ user name if you want to assign the task to someone else>

If the Task form you are using is the Sales Task Form:

  • Open the existing Task you wish to and in the bottom left hand corner there is the Follow Up section

  • Enter the Type of task you want to follow up to create, select who the task is for and enter a description
  • Set the Date the task is due and if required set a reminder
  • Click on ‘Create’ and a message will display asking if you want to mark the task as Complete and Create a Follow Up Task. Click on Yes to continue or No to go back


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