Hire Contract Charging Patterns

There are various different combinations of settings within the Hire Period to accommodate for different invoicing requirements

  • Within the Hire Contract go to the three dots at the end of the Equipment Line

  • The Hire Period window will open and has several different settings to control the invoicing of the equipment

  • The Hire Charges section allows you to specify how the Hire Rate is calculated, Daily, Weekly, etc. The rate is entered below and allows you to specify different rates to apply from different dates, so you could charge an initial rate for the first week and a discounted rate for any following weeks for example
  • Clicking on the three dots next to the charge opens each calculated value to see the breakdown of different time periods. Each field can be amended which will automatically recalculate the other charges

  • The ‘Invoice in Whole’ field allows you to fix if the equipment needs to be charged in whole Days, Weeks, Months, etc. This is independent of the Charging Rate, so you can set the charges per Week but Invoice in whole months and Protean will calculate the necessary charge Ie, In the Example above the Weekly Rate is £100 but the invoicing is set to Whole Months, so the invoice amount will be £433.33 (£100 x 52 =£5200)

  • The ‘Invoice past Off Hire’ tick box allows you to continue charging after the Off Hire date
  • The ‘Auto Credit’ tick box will generate a Credit Note for any overcharged amount when the Off Hire date falls within a period already charged and the next invoice is produced

  • Both the ‘Invoice past Off Hire’ and ‘Auto Credit’ fields default can be managed in the General Settings (System ¦ Settings)

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