How Do I Attach Equipment Together?

How do I attach Equipment together?

  • To link two or more items of Equipment together, open the equipment record of the secondary or subordinate item and click on the attachments tab


  • If you know the equipment number of the item to which this one is to be attached, then simply type it in the box at the top of the screen. If not use the 3 dots button to open the equipment search screen.
  • The item you select must be of the same Status as the item you are attaching. For example, you cannot link a ‘For Hire’ mast to a ‘Customer’s Own’ truck. If you use the equipment Search Screen, then the system will automatically filter the list for items of the same status as the attachment to ensure this.
  • Once you have made the selection, you can use the magnifying button to view its record. On its Attachments Tab you will see the attachment listed in the large box. Double-clicking this entry with the mouse will open the attachments’ record screen.
  • Once equipment is attached then if the primary item is placed on a Sales Order or Hire Contract, for example, its ‘attachments’ will come with it.
  • To break an attachment simply delete the entry and the system will ask if you wish to break the attachment.

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