Inspection Types

Once you have created your Inspection Templates, there are a few ways to customise them further. These options are called Inspection Types and can be used to decide at which point an engineer is prompted to fill out each inspection sheet.

They are accessed by right-clicking on any of the inspection templates in the right-hand pane:

The system will then display the Inspection Type selection screen, where you can use the drop down arrow icon to select the inspection type required:

  • Pre Visit will appear when the engineer arrives on site. They cannot continue with the rest of the job until the inspection has been completed. This is useful for risk assessment inspections.
  • In Visit will appear when the engineer chooses to do that inspection sheet. This is the most common type of inspection, and is generally used for equipment servicing inspections.
  • Post Visit will appear when the engineer has completed work on the visit, and is useful to prompt the engineer to complete some checks at the end of a job.
  • Feedback will appear when the customer signs off the job, and is useful to get the customer to complete a satisfaction survey.

Once the appropriate type has been selected, click on the OK button. The system will then display the type in the main Inspection Templates screen:

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