Linking site to a different customer

If a Site Account requires a different Invoicing Account associated, you can amend these details through the Customer Record

  • Open the Site Record you want to update

  • If you know the Alpha code of the new Invoice Account you can type it directly into the “Invoice Account” field under the Associated Addresses section at the bottom of the window (Note, if this is greyed out you will need to contact Protean Support for assistance)

  • If you don’t know the Alpha Code you can click on the Three Dots button next to the field to open the Customer Search Window:

  • Enter the necessary search criteria to find the required account, ie, part of the name or address the click on the “Search” button to the right

  • Once the results are displayed highlight the correct account and click on “Select” in the bottom right hand corner

  • The Invoice Account will now have updated and the Site Record can be closed


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