Maintenance Contract Uplifts

This screen enables you to update Maintenance Contract rates automatically.

  • Go to Maintenance ¦ Uplift Contract Charges on the menu:

  • The system will then display the Maintenance Contract Uplift screen:

  • On the Criteria Tab enter any criteria you wish to use to allow the system to select the contracts you need to uplift. Possible criteria are: Depot, Contract Type, Renewal Dates, Customer, Site & Contract No. This means that you could run the uplift for each contract individually, or all the contracts for a particular customer and so on.
  • Then enter the percentage by which you wish to update the contract rates. Remember to enter this value as a ‘decimal’. For example, if you wished to uplift the rates by 5% you would enter 0.05 in the ‘Uplift %’ box.
  • Then click the Calculate The system will flip the screen onto the Contracts Tab and display a list of affected contracts as per your criteria, with the old, existing rate and the new:

  • You should now check the list. You can sort the list by any of the data columns by clicking on the column heading. This will sort the list alphabetically by that column. Clicking the same heading again will sort the list into reverse alphabetical order by that column. You can also remove lines you don’t want simply by pointing to it using the record selector and then hitting the delete key on your keyboard. You can also manually adjust the ‘new’ calculated rates if you desire.
  • When you are happy with the results click the ‘Update Contracts’ button to perform the change:

The changes made can then be viewed on the Maintenance Contracts themselves, by clicking on the Search button next to the current fee being charged against the item of equipment:

The system will then display the new fee value and date on which it will start to be charged:

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