Migrating to a New Server

If you are purchasing a new server, you should check our technical guidelines document to see our current recommended specifications. Note that any specifications within this document are advisory, and if any other applications will be installed on the servers then provision should be made for these.

We can provide assistance when it comes to migrating Protean to a new server. To find out further details of this service, please email consultants@proteansoftware.co.uk. As Protean migrations are processed in 2 stages by one of our consultants, you should notify us of your intention to move Protean to a new server at the earliest opportunity to allow the necessary resource to be allocated.

The stages involved in a Protean migration are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Installation of prerequisites (SQL Server, Protean Client and Web Services) and migration of a test database. This environment should then be tested by existing users.
  • Stage 2: Live database migration – this stage will include some downtime for users.

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