Partially despatching a Sales Order

When despatching a Sales Order in Protean and one or more items are unavailable, you can partially despatch the Sales Order

  • From a Placed Sales Order, click “Despatch”

  • A Despatch Note will be created and the available quantities will be displayed in the QTY column. Any items not currently available will be populated with a quantity of 0
  • If an item is in stock, and is not being despatched, change the quantity to “0” also

  • NB: Parts Sales Order are invoiced through the Despatch Note so if a multiple despatches are made there will be multiple invoices generated
  • Click on “Despatch” at the bottom of the screen and the Sales Order will move to a status of Incomplete


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  1. Lewis Trigg

    It’s a shame that raising multiple despatch notes from 1 Sales Order results in creating multiple invoices. It would be good if it would still only create 1 invoice.

    1. Simon Bridgwater

      Hi Lewis, many thanks for your comment.

      It is possible to create a single invoice from multiple despatch notes when using the batch invoicing routine.

      If you would like further details of this feature then please get in touch with our support team.


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