Partially receiving a Purchase Order

If you do not receive all the items that you have added to a Purchase Order, you can book in the items received making the status as “Part Received”

The way to do this differs if you have done a Parts, Equipment or Misc Purchase Order

  • Once a Purchase Order has been Placed, click on the button ‘Book In’. This will create a ‘Goods Received Note’
  • For a Parts Purchase Order where not all items are received, enter the amount actually received in “Qty Received”

  • For an Equipment or Miscellaneous Purchase Order, on the Goods Received Note, select the Equipment or Misc item that has not been received and hit the Delete Key to remove them

  • Once the Goods received note is correct, click “Book In”
  • This will then change the Purchase Order to a status of “Part Received”

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