Price Uplifts

Within Protean you can uplift the Price of a part individually and in bulk.

Within Stock ¦ Utilities you have two options:

  • Stock Reprice
  • Supplier Prices Uplift

Stock reprice allows you to uplift the Price associated to a Part(s) record using a multitude of different criteria as shown below:

  • Select Reprice Method (depending on the option will depend on whether you need to enter a period)
  • Enter the Margin (%) that you want to increase by.
  • Click Calculate to see the results.

Supplier Prices Uplift allows the user to uplift a Price of a part(s) using links such as Supplier, Stock type, Stock State by a set Percentage.

  • Enter the filters and click Calculate
  • See the results and how they can be amended individually.

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