Requesting a Bespoke Report

Requesting a Bespoke Report

If you require a new report, or wish to make changes to an existing report, then you need to submit a Report Request Form

Download the Report Request Form

  • Enter your details (company name, your name, date, telephone number)
  • Enter the Report Name – this is what you want the new report to be called, or the name of the existing report if you require an amendment
  • Tick the New or Existing box – this tells us whether you require a new report, or a change to an existing report
  • Indicate whether you wish for the report to be Exported to Excel – if you choose ‘No’, the report would be optimised for viewing on screen or paper, and might not export properly to Excel
  • Provide us with a Business Case for the report – this informs us why you need the report, and can help us ensure we’re providing data from the correct sources
  • Enter Scope/Module details – this tells us from which Protean modules the data will come from
  • Provide a Design for the report – tell us which columns you wish to see in the report, and details of any calculations the report might need to make
  • Indicate any Data restrictions for the report – tell us whether the report needs to be restricted to show records only in a certain status, or type etc.
  • Provide details of any Groupings and Totals you need – this informs us that you wish to see subtotals for each customer, employee, date etc.
  • Indicate whether a Date Filter is required – if you need to filter by date, then tell us which date you wish to filter by
  • Tick the Yes or No box for Depot Filter – if you have multiple depots, do you need to report each depot separately?
  • Provide details of Other Filters – you can set your own filters here, so you can filter based on status, type of record etc.
  • Indicate whether there are Samples Attached – this is advised in most cases, so we can get an idea of how you envisage the report looking

Once you have completed the form please send it, along with any examples, to

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