Service Jobs

How do I create the automatic Service Jobs?

Warning: Please note that this routine will create every service job due in accordance to the criteria you enter so if you have any queries or concerns contact the Support Desk before running this routine or try it on your practice database

  • To automatically raise your automatic service jobs that are due go to Maintenance ➔ Update Service jobs


  • If you operate a multi-depot operation, then first select from the Depot drop down list which Depot’s Job you wish to raise now. If you do not have more than one Depot or you wish to create all the service jobs now simply leave the Depot field on its default value of (All).
    Similarly, you can run the routine just for a particular Site Route or Area Reference as well. In this way you can produce a separate Job list for each Site Route to make distribution to Engineers easier.
    Enter the date you wish to create the service jobs up to (but not including). For example, if today was 12th December 2008 and I wished to create next month’s service jobs so that I could start scheduling them in with the Customers I would enter 1st February 2009 in the date box here.
    Then click the ‘Create service Jobs’ button. A progress meter appears in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. This time taken by this process is entirely dependent on the number of contracts, equipment and service schedules on the system and the speed of the PC and network in general. (Once started the process cannot be interrupted.)




  • When the system has finished creating the jobs a message will be displayed informing you of the number of jobs raised and asking if you would like to print these now. If you say ‘Yes’ then Protean will print out Job Sheets and Inspection Sheets as required by the jobs created. If you say ‘No’ you can still print them later using the print run button.
    Click Close to close the form. If you now go to your jobs list, you should find the service jobs you created awaiting you.


How to re-print job run?

  • Go to Maintenance ➔ Update Service Jobs on the menu.
  • Find the run in question in the Run History box in the centre of the screen and click it once to highlight it.
  • Then click the ‘Print Run’ button.
  • The Jobs and Inspection Sheets will be printed.


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