Set Favourite Reports Video



Creating a useful list of regularly used reports to be displayed in the Reports System default view


Having to select the same modules and scroll through the list to the same reports on a regular basis

– Click on the Reports icon at the top of the Protean Window to open the Reports System and notice the default system at the top of the screen is ‘(Favourites)’
– Browse through to a report you would like to add to your Favourites list by clicking on the ‘System’ drop down list, selecting a module, then scrolling down to the report and single click on the required report
– Once the report is highlighted click on the ‘Add To Favourites’ button at the bottom of the list
– Going back to the System dropdown list select (Favourites) and your selected report should now show in the list
– You can remove reports from the list by again highlighting them and then clicking on the ‘Remove From Favourites’

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