Setting pop-up reminders for yourself or another user

Any Task can have a reminder set to pop up on the screen and notify either yourself or another user

  • Open the task you wish to set the reminder for or create a new one. There are two types of task forms, simple and sales task form depending on the system setup for your login

Instructions for Simple Task Form :

  • Set the ‘Created For’ field to either yourself or the user you want the reminder to come up for

  • In the ‘Time’ section towards the bottom of the window select the Date and Time the task is due. Then tick the ‘Remind Me’ box and select the timescale you require for the reminder, ie, 15 minutes before
  • Click on the Close button to save and exit

Instructions for Sales Task Form :

  • Set the Date and Time of the task and if required tick the ‘Reminder’ box which needs to be selected before setting the required reminder timescale, ie, 15 minutes before
  • Who the task/reminder is for needs to be set in the ‘Created For’ field in the bottom right hand corner of the Task section

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