Setting Purchase order limits for Employees

Setting Purchase Order limits for Employees

The Purchase Order Limit can be set per individual Employee Record to control the amount each user can authorise. This limit is referred to when the Purchase Order is raised, and again when Goods Received Notes are booked in. If for example if a limit of £100 was set and a Purchase Order was raised for that amount, if the Goods Received Note was then amended to £101 it would require authorisation from a user with a higher limit as it has exceeded their individual limit. This is also the case for multiple Goods Received Notes against one Purchase Order and accumulates the total.

To set the Purchasing Limits

  • Go to System ➔ Employees ➔ Select relevant Employee


  • Once you have selected the desired employee you need to click on the Purchasing tab
  • Once on this tab tick the Purchaser tick box and this will open up the fields to allow you to enter a limit based on the type of Purchase order
  • Once completed click on Apply and then OK
  • The user will need to log out and back in again for the changes to take effect

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