Supplier Discounts

Protean can be used to record, assign and automatically calculate your different levels of purchase discounts.

Firstly you need to set up Purchase Discount Categories in System ¦ Stock ¦ Purchase Discount Categories  These allow you to set up different discount levels for a Supplier so that on Purchase Orders the buying price can be calculated based on (Suppliers RRP – discount applied).

The Purchase Discount system works by grouping Parts together in Purchase Discount Categories:

Then on the Supplier different levels can be set up and percentage discounts can be entered:

  • On the Accounts Tab, enter a name for the Discount Level you want to set up. You may want more than one ‘level’ where the Supplier gives you different discount depending on the type of Purchase Order e.g. Standard & VOR (emergency orders).
  • Then select the Discount Groups affected by this discount and the percentage discount you have been given.
  • On the Purchase Order the RRP is brought through and the relevant discount can be applied:


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