Changing the Protean Wallpaper Video



When Protean is open without any other Internal Windows open, the background displayed is known as the Wallpaper and can be amended to a customised display


Possible reasons for wanting to change the Wallpaper would be to display the Company Logo, to distinguish between different Protean Databases (ie, one for Live and a different one for Practice) or possibly to display a list of useful information such as frequently used phone numbers


Before you can apply the new Wallpaper you will need to save the image you wish to use as a bitmap file (*.bmp) in a shared network location

Click on the System Tab at the top left of the Protean Window and Select the Settings Icon. If you do not see this icon you may need your permissions changing or refer to a user that does have access

All the Settings are listed in Alphabetical Order, scroll down to the setting called ‘Wallpaper’ and click the mouse to the left side of the field so that the Arrow is now displayed indicating the field has been selected

There will now be a Modify field displayed at the bottom of the window where the path of the file location can be entered. You can type in the location, copy and paste or click on the box with the three dots in at the end of the line to browse through to the Wallpaper file previously saved

Once the file path is displayed click on Close to save the setting

Exit Protean and Log Back In

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