What are the different Job Status’ and what do they mean?

What are the different Job Status’ and what do they mean?

  • Job Status’ are used to identify what stage a job is at on the system.


        • Cancelled –  The Job has been cancelled. No further action can be taken on this Job.
        • Entry – The Job is being created but not yet saved.
        • Credit Hold – The Customer is ‘on-stop’ and so the Job cannot be processed. The ‘on-stop’ facility is controlled by the Accounts Dept.
        • Order No Req – This Job needs to have an Order No entered to progress
        • Estimated – An estimate has been printed for this Job.
        • Quoted – A quote has been printed for this Job.
        • Unallocated – The Job record has been saved but no engineer is yet allocated.
        • Waiting Acceptance – The Job has been sent to the Engineer’s PDA but he has not accepted it yet.
        • Allocated – An engineer has been allocated to the Job.
        • En-Route – The Engineer is travelling to this Job.
        • On Site – The Engineer is working on this Job.
        • Awaiting Parts – There is a Stock Issue or Purchase Order (Parts or Misc) outstanding against the Job, or the ‘Waiting’ button has been pressed.
        • Parts In – The parts that were ordered/requested have been booked in/issued.
        • Site Attended – The engineer has visited the site and the Job is now awaiting paperwork.
        • Further Work Req’d – The Engineer has identified extra work at this site over and above the work he was sent to do.
        • Awaiting Complete – This status identifies a Job that the Engineer has finished and sent the details back via the PDA.
        • Awaiting Details – The Job needs some further information before it can be completed.
        • Authorisation Req – The ‘complete’ button has been pressed once and you have chosen the option to have an authorisation stage in the completion process. It is awaiting another press of the ‘complete’ button by an authorised user.
        • Completed – The Job is completed. If it is chargeable it can now be invoiced.
        • Invoiced – The Job has been completed and invoiced

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